At the end of every semester, students are invited to provide feedback on courses, classrooms and instructors through online questionnaires. In addition to soliciting responses to set questions, the questionnaires also allow for open-ended observations about perceived strengths of the course and instructor, suggestions for possible improvements, and any other comments the student might wish to make about the course.


Updates of Course Evaluations - Catholic University

Summer 2019:

The intial course lists have been distributed to each school and department. All changes need to be returned to our office before June 25.

Students enrolled in any courses that End_Date is before June 29 (including) should have received the course evaluation survey.

Spring 2019:

The individual reports are avaliable online.


Please click the following link to access the course evaluations (CUA login required).

Course evaluations (Spring 2013 to current)
Course evaluations (Spring 2003 to Fall 2012)

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