School/Department Learning Outcomes

This web page is maintained by the Office of Financial Planning, Institutional Research, and Assessment on behalf of the Vice Provost and Dean of Assessment. Financial Planning, Institutional Research, and Assessment provides administrative, statistical and professional support to the University's Student Learning Outcomes Assessment process. Financial Planning, Institutional Research, and Assessment administers the core process on behalf of the Vice Provost and Dean of Assessment, and creates and maintains the universe of assessment resources that feed into the process. The Vice Provost and Dean of Assessment updates and maintains the University's Student learning Outcomes Assessment Plan, schedules the Annual Key Assessment process driven by the plan, and is responsible for soliciting, coordinating, and reviewing materials, generated by individual academic programs which support the plan, and the Assessment process. 

As a result of two closely-related initiatives – major assessment finding reports and annual key assessment finding documents – departments' and schools' documents have been collected on a set schedule (every five years and annually). They have reviewed specific quantitative and qualitative data and then, reflected and commented on the assessment findings and implications for their programs.

  • Annual Key Assessment Findings

    Conducted annually the following report focuses on faculty review and analysis of direct evidence of student learning for a one-year time period. Each department and School reviews student progress and applies the results of student learning assessments in their short- and long-term planning to improve instruction and student outcomes. This process interjects a guided reflection and a formal report which is available on the Institutional Research Library website (University login required).

  • Major Assessment Findings

    Conducted every five years the following summative report reflects a thoughtful analysis of, reflection and response to the direct and indirect student assessment data collected over the time period. The reports include (1) discussion of direct assessment measures (e.g., at a minimum performance in  capstone projects and pass rates on comprehensive examinations) and other indirect measures (e.g., student course evaluations, program review data, alumni surveys, etc.); (2) reflections on analyses of enrollment, student performance, and students’ instructor and course ratings and the department’s/School’s use of NSSE results to benchmark its seniors’ general education outcomes, and (3) a narrative describing curricular improvements the department/School had introduced as a result of earlier assessment findings. 

    Major Assessment Findings can be found on the Institutional Research Library website (University login required).