Faculty members submit their syllabi to their department chairs/school deans for review and posting on our assessment website at the start of each semester. Syllabi include goals for student learning and the related assessments through course requirements.

Please download and save a copy of the following file to make your own course syllabus:

Syllabus Template (updated for Brightspace)
*Please use the most updated syllabus template (April, 2024)

Please click on the following link to access the Course Syllabus website (CUA login required).
     Course Syllabi 

Please contact Edward Trudeau at trudeaue@cua.edu if new syllabus manager needs upload access.

Instructions for uploading syllabi for designated individuals in Schools and Departments

You can upload syllabi as Word or PDF document for the courses in your School or department this term on our secure website: https://secure.cua.edu/syllabi.

To upload a syllabus, log in with your CUA e-mail account username and password. Click the “Upload a Syllabus” button. Select the term, and submit. The courses appear in a dropdown. Select a course, and browse for the Word or PDF document that holds the syllabus for the course. The document should be on your local computer or a thumb drive. Click the submit button to upload the document. Repeat these steps for each course you are uploading.

Please upload syllabi by the first week of the semester (earlier, if possible). Please note that syllabi are only required for formal course sections. Formal courses are defined as courses that are provided principally by means of regularly scheduled classes meeting in classrooms, including lectures, seminars, practica, laboratory classes, discussion classes, and studio classes.

Instructions for deleting courses from the list of offerings by your School or Department

Please delete courses that have been cancelled, or for which no syllabi are required (as approved
by your dean or chair).

To delete, please run a Missing Syllabi Report, then click on the red X in the “Remove” column to the right.