• Why do we evaluate courses?

    Student feedback is a valuable resource for instructors and the university. Instructors use this feedback to make improvements to their teaching practice so that they can create better learning environments for students. The Course Evaluations is an opportunity to influence teaching and learning at the Catholic University of America. Feedback is also reviewed by Deans and Department Chairs and contribute to decisions concerning faculty and courses.
  • Why evaluate all courses?

    Programs at the university are increasingly requesting evaluations of all aspects, including student-instructor interactions that are not considered "formal courses." It has frequently come to the attention of faculty members that their courses were not evaluated only after the close of the evaluation period. By evaluating all courses regardless of enrollment or type, we give each student access to the same feedback mechanisms.
  • What are the advantages of evaluating courses electronically, and how are the results used?

    Evaluating courses online is fast, easy, convenient, secure, confidential, and, above all, important! Course evaluation results are used by faculty to improve teaching, and they are a significant component in the promotion and tenure process.

  • What is the preparation process of course evaluations?

    The preparation of course evaluations starts around mid-term. In the beginning of each evaluation cycle, the Office of Planning and Institutional Research sends the preliminary course lists to each school and department for their verification and modification.  Administrative assistants are asked to review the list, make changes if necessary after checking with the faculty members and return the updated list before the deadline. 

  • When will the online course evaluations be administered?

    Online course evaluations will be administered two weeks before the final day of class and will close two days after the final day of class. This gives students more than two weeks to complete their evaluations.

  • How will students be notified when it is time to complete the evaluations?

    Students will receive an email announcement two weeks before the final day of class. Subsequent reminders will be sent to students who have not completed all their evaluations.

  • Will students’ responses be confidential?

    No identifying information is included in the reports, unless the evaluator self-identifies in a written comment. For courses with very low enrollment or single enrollment, the evaluator's confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

  • How will this affect the students’ grades?

    The feedback will have no impact on students’ grade whatsoever. Instructors do not receive any of the results until after final grades are submitted, and they cannot associate responses with students unless the student self-identifies in a written comment.

  • Why isn't my course evaluated?

    Prior to fall, 2019, courses were only evaluated if they met the criteria of being a formal course and the evaluation was requested by the school or department. To be considered a formal course, enrollment must be 5 or more students and the course cannot be a lab or discussion session.

    Starting fall, 2019, all courses are evaluated, unless the school or department specifically requests that a course be excluded.

    Note: The Columbus School of Law courses are NOT evaluated with this system.

  • What if the course has more than one instructor?

    The students will evaluate all instructors in separate instructor sections and comment sections.

  • What can instructors do to improve the response rates?

    The course evaluations can be conducted in class. Instructors may ask students to bring in their own devices to complete the online course evaluations during the time of their choice (i.e. last 20 minutes of the last class). The instructors are able to check the live response rates from the online course evaluation dashboard while evaluations are open and the final response rates after they are closed.

  • Can I view the results of the course evaluations?

    The final reports (excluding comments) that show the school and department comparison will be generated and posted on the Course Evaluation website five weeks after the general survey is closed.  For details, please check the updates from CUA Course Evaluation website. Only formal course results are posted.

  • How can instructors view the comments?

    The online individual course evaluation reports (with comments) will be generated one week after the general course evaluation survey closes. The individual reports with comments will be distributed to their departments/schools.

  • My question wasn’t answered; where else can I go for help?

    If you encounter any problems or need help getting into the system, please contact Institutional Research and Assessment staff at courseevaluations@cua.edu